At GTI, we believe there is a need for quality service when it comes to computers and security. We offer a selection of new, refurbished,  and used products. We service Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia. Right Here In Jacksonville, Florida. Find us on social media.

Stated simply, GTI is growing because of a clear vision, superior services and the best customer care in north east Florida.

We don’t just sell computers; we provide solutions – and have been doing it since 1988. Sounds simple enough, but it’s what sets us apart from others. We offer a full range of IT and security  services to customers of all sizes. We offer new OEM, custom built, and quality refurbished systems. We also offer parts and accessories and technical service on site or remote for in-home and business environments. We provide sensible, powerful solutions that meet customer needs.

Quality PC and Mac Computer Repair Service / Data Recovery, Networking, Cabling, IP & CCTV Cameras, Installations, Consulting, Retail Parts Store, Onsite Service Contracts and PC Upgrades for Home & Small Business Customers / Virus and Spyware Removal / Windows and Security Updates / Websites, SEO, Custom Made App’s and Software Plus Much More / New Custom Built Servers, Workstations, POS Systems, CAD Computers, Custom Home Entertainment and Gaming Machines Built in Store / We also Offer Refurbished and Used Equipment and Computers.  We also offer MAC computer hardware, software, and networking services.